Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Testing, Testing... My First Voice Blog!

A short voice blog of an experience I had while playing Halo Reach yesterday. Be more courteous, boys! Us girls just wanna have a good time too!

Voice Blog, Suckabeans! by neonkiss

My cool as heck Halo 3 character.
- Jennie


  1. I feel bad for you girls. It's the classic school-yard behaviour where the boys tease the girls because they like them and want attention. When you add the anonymity of the internet to the mix, it must be that much worse.

    So, the epilogue to your story is that you accepted his friend request because you were so impressed by his mad skillz right?

  2. Of course! And now me and Mr.AnnoyingFace are best Xboxlive buddies ;)
    Naw, I totally ignored him (but not before I killed HIM and humped his face.) Pffft... fair is only fair! :P

    For the most part guys are pretty good to me. On the rare occasion, though, I do get gems like this dude.

  3. I had never considered that before as a way to pick up chicks! Kill them ingame and hump their dead face? Surely Hallmark has a Valentine card for just such a special moment in any budding relationship?!


    To end on a positive note... Love the voice blog :-)

    With respect,


  4. Thanks for the compliment, Stephen! :) And yes, I'm sure there MUST be a Hallmark card for such an occasion.... :P

    - Jenn