Monday, June 20, 2011

Memories: My Grade 6 Class Photo

Holy cow! You guys will never guess what I stumbled upon while cleaning out my closet today. It's my grade 6 school picture! I can't believe my mom made me wear such a dorky outfit. Sure, I was in a Catholic school, but that bow is just plain vomit inducing. Yowza. Mom, what were you thinking?!

Oh, and remember how the photographer would always say you look like a certain celebrity to make you smile? It always really hurt my feelings when my friends would get compared to gorgeous women like Cindy Crawford and all the ladies of 90210 while I was compared to Garfield. That doesn't even make sense - I'm not a ginger! :(

Also: I can't believe how much I've changed since grade 6. I mean, sure, everyone was going through their awkward bouts of early puberty (and I clearly was no exception.) My hair is a lot lighter these days and I usually wear glasses now. I even think my face has thinned out quite a bit and I've grown a few inches. I've even quit eating tuna sandwiches every day for lunch. I know how much the smell grossed people out. Phew.

Jennie, Grade 6, Corpus Christi School, Mississauga

PS - I have significantly less hairballs now that I'm grown up. Oprah was right when she said we should all drink 8 glasses of water a day. I find it helps a lot.

Now, let's see YOUR embarrassing class photos from elementary school! I bet none of you are as brave as I am to share mine.

- Jennie