Friday, June 29, 2012

My Cancun Trip part 3 - Last Day at the Beach (and lots of cervezas)

Day 4 of my Cancun trip started (like most other days) very early. I was scheduled to take a taxi to the airport around 3pm, so I wanted to cram as much time in at the beach as I could before I left.

Capturing a picture from my balcony as the sun rises.

View of the sunrise from the balcony

After a quick buffet-style breakfast (more refried beans, nachos, eggs, and an assortment of fresh fruit… followed by yet another shot of Pepto), I headed down to the white sand beach. The sun was out in full force, and I happily sipped a cranberry and vodka cocktail while reading my book on a chair near the waves. Ah. Heaven.

Om nom nom

Since I was at the beach fairly early, I pretty much had a whole section to myself. If I could freeze frame a time of my life and re-play it over whenever I felt like it, this would probably be that moment. The time flew by; I took a stroll in the ocean, grabbed another cocktail, drank a cerveza, read a little bit more, lounged in the sun, and then retreated back into the resort.

The Infinity pool was -gorgeous- 
The hotel next to us
How creepy is this feathered dude?
I had the beach all to myself!
Chillaxin' to the max!
Eyeing those wave runners...
How peaceful does this look?
Our resort! The Great Parnassus Resort and Spa
Uber gorgeous.
Saying goodbye to the beach :( 

I picked up a few last minute souvenirs for friends and family, and purchased an authentic Mexican wrestling mask I’d had my eye on for quite awhile. It was pink, it looked like a mask Rey Mysterio wore (except much more girly), and I had to have it. For only $20, I think I got a pretty good deal. Plus, how cool do I look in this? The answer is: super cool.

So many great Mexican masks to choose from!
Jennie Mysterio! The coolest ever.

With time running out, I packed my suitcase, hopped into the shower, and then sat out on the balcony and let the hot sun dry my hair. I so didn’t want to leave. *le sigh*

Eventually the taxi came to pick me up, and I headed back to Cancun International Airport with a heavy heart. Why do vacations seem to go by so fast? Why can’t I be like that girl on the old TV show, “Out of this World” who could stop time by pressing her index fingers together? I just totally dated myself, didn’t I? :P

I had some time to spare at the airport, so I did a little more souvenir shopping, as well as enjoyed a nice pre-flight meal at Bubba Gump’s Shrimp Co. I’m not a huge shrimp fan, but I did appreciate the crispy chicken fingers and a humongous margarita called the “Mango Sparkler.” Dear lord it was good, but HUGE. Why don’t we have a Bubba Gump’s restaurant in Ontario? It was a really fun place with a great atmosphere!

They let me keep the shaker too! :)

Finally it was boarding time. I waved goodbye to Cancun from the window of my West Jet seat and landed back in Toronto later than night. My time in Cancun was amazing. I never did capture a glimpse of the legendary Chupacabra, but what I did experience more than made up for it. This trip definitely set the vacation bug in me in motion. I want to travel more; I want to discover all this world has to offer!

Bye Cancun!

A view of the strip from the plane

See you again soon!

The sun sets as we head our way back north

Next week I head to Vancouver. I’ve never been out west before, so I’m sure I’ll have lots to blog about this experience as well. And don’t worry; I’ll keep my eye out for Bigfoot. I think I’ll try my hand at Squatchin’ next. ;)

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