Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Platypus Cookies Om Nom Nom

One of my favourite cartoons which features a platypus (not that there is a wide variety to choose from!) is Phineas and Ferb.  If you know anything about the show, one of the main characters is the boys' pet platypus, Perry.

Perry the Platypus in all his glory.

So I decided to flex my culinary muscle and attempt to make Perry the Platypus cookies. I mean, who wouldn't love to sink their teeth into a sugary platypus? Hrm? Well, maybe it is just me. :P

My idea was to use rice krispie treats as the body and find other edible items for extra detailing.  I ended up using vanilla wafers for the beak and sugar wafers for the tail.  Standard blue and green food coloring was also used, as well as Pillsbury Creamy Supreme Classic White icing.

At the end of my venture I successfully produced eight platypi. It took me approximately an hour to ice them all. The rice krispie treats were very delicate, so I had to be gentle with them so they wouldn't break. I cut a sugar wafer in half to have a proportionate size of tail, and I cut the vanilla wafers to form the beaks.  I also used white icing for the eyes.

I would have liked them to come out a little smoother with the icing, but, alas, I'm no Cake Boss. While not exactly what I envisioned, I was happy with my results. I'm hoping that with practice makes perfect! Now, who wants a yummy platypus? 

- Jennie


  1. I love the platypus cookies- so cute and creative! I can't say I have ever eaten anything platypus-shaped!

  2. Thanks so much - neither have I since that day! lol